Comparison of the geosynchronous objects position accuracy with different software


Purpose. Determinate the accuracy of the received positions of geosynchronous objects with the help of different software. Evaluate systematic and random measurement errors using the Apex II and CoLiTecSat software. To evaluate the accuracy of the software, five geosynchronous satellites were selected for which accurate coordinate information can be obtained from the services of the international network of laser ranging.
Methods. Used astrometric methods of objects research, as well as mathematical methods of processing results. The results were compared using the Kotlin Orbit Estimation Library.
Results. Deviations along and across the orbits of the positions of the five satellites obtained using the Apex II and CoLiTecSat software are considered. Satellite orbits were calculated on the basis of exact ephemeris from the international network of laser ranging.
Conclusions. Random errors of one measure of software Apex II and CoLiTecSat on the presented material differ significantly. The differences in the estimation of root mean square (RMS) on BRC-250M do not allow to conclude which software provides a smaller random measurement error

Keywords: satellite, coordinates, errors, ephemeris