Issue 45, 2019

Scientific Herald of Uzhhorod University. Series "Physics"

ISSN: 2415-8038

Publisher: Uzhhorod National University


A.I. Pogodin M.M. Luchynets M.Y. Filep O.P. Kokhan I.P. Studenyak P. Kúš

Synthesis, growth and structural properties of (Cu1−xAgx)7GeSe5I solid solutions

А.V. Shusta P.P. Guranich A.G. Slivka V.S. Shusta P. Huranych

Temperature behavior of absorption edge of CuCr0.3In0.7P2S6 layered crystals

A.I. Pogodin O.P. Kokhan O.O. Yamkoviy L.M. Suslikov I.P. Studenyak

Electrical properties of composites based on solid solutions of (Cu1−xAgx)7SiS5I superionic conductors

V.M. Rubish S.M. Hasynets O.M. Hreshchuk L.I. Makar O.A. Mykaylo R.P. Pisak I.M. Rizak A.M. Solomon V.O. Yukhymchuk T.I. Yasinko

Structure of glasses and composites in As2S3-Sb2S3-SbI3 system

Volodymyr Mazur Zoya Bіgаn Petro Derechkei D.М. Symochko

Investigation of the 11/2 isomeric state excitation of the 137Ba nucleus in the (γ, γ′)m reaction

I.V. Pylypchynets O.O. Parlag V.T. Masluyk Alexander Lengyel M.I. Romanyuk I.G. Megela O.M. Tyrchovsky

Double-layer targets for forming the beams of the high-energy photons on the electron accelerator of M-30 microtron

I.A. Khomych T.V. Kovalinska V.I. Sakhno

Radiation problems of functional testing of nuclear power plant equipment at an electrophysical installation of the INR of NAS of Ukraine

V.Yu. Lazur S.I. Myhalyna O.K. Reity V.V. Rubish M.I. Karbovanets

Matrix elements of the dipole-dipole interaction between two two-level atoms distanced arbitrarily from each other

A.I. Haysak I.I. Haysak

On the singular solution of Schrödinger equation for the hydrogen atom

V.M. Simulik T.M. Zajac

The variety of approaches to the problem of the derivation of Dirac equation

M.Ya. Yevych M.I. Karbovanets

Charge-transfer processes into doubly excited states in a slow ion-molecule collisions

V.M. Simulik T.M. Zajac

Description of the longitudinal electromagnetic waves by the Maxwell equations

Norbert Bence Alexander Lengyel Zoltán Tarics

Pomeron models at LHC energies

V.I. Kudak L.S. Shakun V.M. Perih V.E. Savanevych

Comparison of the geosynchronous objects position accuracy with different software

O.M. Kozhukhov S.V. Rishchenko T.A. Dementiev V.P. Epishev I.I. Motrunich I.F. Neubauer V.M. Perih V.I. Kudak D.M. Kozhukhov O.M. Piskun

State identification of CubeSat-type satellites by optical observations (on the example of ARKYD 6A spacecraft)