Pomeron models at LHC energies


Purpose. The existing experimental data on the elastic scattering of protons (antiprotons) by protons, including those obtained at the Collider, are not in doubt for non-exponential behavior of differential cross-section. Our task is to choose the most adequate analytical model that describes this behavior of the differential cross sections for elastic pp- and pp¯ scattering.
Methods. Pomeron alternatives for describing the non-exponential behavior of the diffraction cone in differential pp- and pp¯ elastic cross-section are investigated.
Results. It was shown that the pomeron amplitude with two tewrms with different t-dependences is strongly suggested by the data.
Conclusions. The values of the slope B(s, t) and curvature parameter C(s, t) have been calculated for different Pomeron model within the wide s – and low t – range with the allowance made for the diffraction cone shape. The absolute values of the curvature parameter C(s, 0) is predicted to be decreasing depending on s and change of sign at asymptotically large energies

Keywords: elastic scattering, high energy, pomeron, slope, curvature