Fabrication of information protection elements on the film As4Se96 by electron-beam lithography method


Purpose. The objective of this work was to study mechanisms of interaction of electron beam with the amorphous As4Se96 film and fabrication of a protective element image by dry electron lithography method.
Methods. The films were irradiated by an electron beam using a scanning electron microscope (Tescan, model VEGA). The film surface structure relief was studied by atomic force microscope (Bruker, model ICON).
Results. The interaction As4Se96 chalcogenide films with an electron beam have been investigated. It is established irradiation dose at which the surface relief shape inversion occurs, i.e. expansion at low irradiation doses and contraction at high doses.
Conclusions. The process of fabrication the master-original of the protective element by one-stage (dry) single-beam electronic lithography method with use of the As4Se96 chalcogenide film as an electronic resist have been realized

Keywords: electron beam lithography, chalcogenide thin films, protective element