Issue 42, 2017

Scientific Herald of Uzhhorod University. Series "Physics"

ISSN: 2415-8038

Publisher: Uzhhorod National University

B. Bilanych O. Shylenko V. Komanicky V.S. Bilanych A. Feher V. Rizak

Fabrication of information protection elements on the film As4Se96 by electron-beam lithography method

V.M. Rubish M.M. Pop O.A. Mykaylo S.O. Kostyukevich A.A. Kryuchyn M.O. Durkot T.I. Yasinko K.V. Kostyukevich

Laser-induced changes in the optical characteristics of amorphous films of the As-Sb-S system

I.I. Sakalosh I. I. Trikur M.Yu. Sichka I.Y. Tsoma V. Rizak

Preparation features of the end-faces of quartz optical fibers for bacteriorhodopsin films deposition

L.Yu. Kharkhalis K.E. Glukhov T.Ya. Babuka

Modeling of electronic and lattice subsystems in β-InSe layered crystal from first-principles

I.I. Nebola A.Ya. Shteyfan A.F. Katanytsia I.P. Studenyak

Phonon spectra of argyrodites family

K.E. Glukhov L.Yu. Kharkhalis T.Ya. Babuka

Ab initio investigations of the optical characteristics of FePS3 antiferromagnetic

V.Yu. Lazur M.I. Karbovanets V.V. Aleksiy S.I. Myhalyna

Green's functions method in single-electron charge exchange theory of the hydrogen molecular ion on the naked nucleuses

Antonina O. Malinina Alexandr N. Malinin

Optical characteristics of the two-band barrier discharge excilamp on mercury monoiodide and mercury monobromide molecules

P.P. Guranich А.V. Shusta A.G. Slivka V.S. Shusta P. Huranych

The optical absorption edge of Ag0.05Cu0.95InP2Slayered crystals

T.I. Velehan M.M. Rusnak M.I. Karbovanets

The influence of the electron correlations on dynamic of two-electron charge exchange between ions and polar molecules

V.M. Khmara M. Hnatič V.Yu. Lazur O.K. Reity V.V. Rubish

Two-center corrections to the spherical and parabolic bases of the hydrogen atom

I.I. Bondar V.V. Suran I.I. Akseniuk T.V. Dubrovka

The dependence of Ba2+ ions formation on radiation intensity at two electron mechanism realization in two laser fields

O.K. Reity V.Yu. Lazur V.K. Reity

Quasiclassical theory of tunnel ionization of an atom by parallel electric and magnetic fields

S.V. Gedeon V.F. Gedeon V.Yu. Lazur E.A. Nagy

The 3D differential cross sections of electron scattering on fluorine atom

V.V. Danylo O.J. Minya O.К. Shuaibov I.V. Shevera Z.T. Homoki M.V. Dudych

Characteristics overvoltage nanosecond discharges on mixtures of helium and argon with admixtures of water vapor

V.Yu. Lazur M.I. Karbovanets V.V. Aleksiy S.I. Myhalyna

Continuum distorted-wave method in the two-electron charge exchange theory

Volodymyr Mazur

Measurement of isomeric yield ratios for the heavy cerium isotopes in the (γ,n) reactions

А.А. General V.А. Кеlman Yu.V. Zhmenyak V.V. Zvenihorodsky Ch.D. Nady

An optical emission of plasma jet excited by barrier discharge in argon-air and he-air mixtures

I.V. Pylypchynets O.O. Parlag E.V. Oleynikov

Simulation the yields of actinide nuclei photofission products induced by bremsstrahlung of electron accelerators

R.M. Plekan V.Yu. Pojda

Calculation of spectra of two-nucleon states of even-even nuclei 64Zn and 74Se in the adiabatic approximation

V.I. Zhaba

Deuteron: analytical forms of wave function and density distribution

I.I. Haysak V.O. Martyshychkin R.M. Plekan O.G. Okunev M.T. Sabolchiy

Measurement of the absolute value of exposure dose on the betatron B-25