Methods of evaluating the efficiency of the biological action of UV radiation sources


Purpose. In order to quantitatively control the biological actions of artificial sources of UV radiation that present a potential hazard to living organisms, an improved method for evaluating the biological action of a UV source is proposed.
Methods. An estimation of the biological effect of the source of UV radiation is carried out on the basis of the value of the effective energy exposure of the biological action, found on the basis of the spectral density of the radiation source stream and the relative spectral characteristics of the biological action.
Results. The proposed method provides a higher level of evaluation of the biological action of the UV source compared to the known methods described in this paper.
Conclusions. The method can be used for attestation and certification of sources of artificial ultraviolet radiation and for accreditation of establishments using such sources for industrial, medical, sanitary and sanitary purposes

Keywords: UV radiation, efficiency of biological action, spectral density of the beam, spectral characteristic of biological action, effective energy exposure of biological action