Issue 41, 2017

Scientific Herald of Uzhhorod University. Series "Physics"

ISSN: 2415-8038

Publisher: Uzhhorod National University

I.P. Studenyak A.V. Bendak M.O. Vizenko V.Yu. Izai A.M. Solomon P. Kúš

Optical properties of X-ray irradiated Cu6PS5I-based thin films deposited by magnetron sputtering

M.V. Tsygyka A.A. Kohutych I.I. Stoika A.A. Grabar

Dynamic interferometer on the base of Sn2P2S6 photorefractive crystal modified by indiffusion of Cu

P.S. Danyliuk A.I. Gomonai V.M. Krasilinets P.P. Puga G.D. Puga M.M. Birov I.I. Chychura V. Rizak

X-ray luminescence and spectroscopic characteristics of europium ions in glassy and polycrystalline lithium tetraborate matrices

O.B. Kondrat R.M. Holomb A. Csik V. Takáts M. Veres N. Tsud V.M. Mitsa

Structural transformations on the AsxS100-x nanolayers: X-ray photoelectron and electron microscopy investigations

D.I. Bletskan I.P. Studenyak V.V. Vakulchak М.М. Bletskan

Electronic structure and chemical bonding of Cu7GeS5I superionic conductor

V.M. Kryshenik

Active influence of optical modes in film waveguides based on As-S system

V.V. Bilanych A.V. Bendak V.Yu. Izai K.V. Skubenych V.І. Fеdеlеsh F. Lofaj I.P. Studenyak V.S. Bilanych V. Rizak

Investigation of mechanical properties of superionic crystals and films Cu6PS5Br(І) by micro- and nanoindentation method

V.M. Rubish S.M. Hasynets O.V. Gorina V.M. Maryan O.A. Mykaylo A.M. Solomon

The influence of heat treatment conditions on the structure and properties of (As2Se3)100-x(SbSI)x glasses and composites on their basis

А.V. Shusta A.G. Slivka V.S. Shusta

Baric transformations of anomalies of dielectric permeability of CuСr0,5In0,5P2S6 layered crystals

V.Yu. Lazur V.V. Aleksiy S.I. Myhalyna M.I. Karbovanets

Green's functions method  in the reactions of a single-electron charge-exchange

Oksana Pop

Monte-Carlo method in the method of standard sets of nuclides for nuclear dating

V.Yu. Lazur V.V. Aleksiy S.I. Myhalyna

Accounting the effects of electron re-scattering in the single-electron charge-exchange reaction

I.V. Shevera V.V. Danylo Z.T. Homoki O.J. Minya O.К. Shuaibov V.I. Chyhin

Characteristics of high current nanosecond discharge in the air above surface the copper sulfate solution in distilled water

Antonina O. Malinina

Numerical simulation of the basic parameters of a discharge plasma based on a mixture of mercury diiodide vapor and argon

I.I. Shafranyosh Yu.Yu. Svyda M.I. Shafranyosh М.О. Margitych M.I. Sukhoviya M.M. Chavarga B.М. Margitych Yu.V. Bokoch

Luminescence of adenine molecules in the gas phase under the influence of the electron beam

V.P. Epishev I.V. Barna V.I. Kudak V.M. Perih M.M. Gabdeev

Multicolor photometry of geostationary objects

V.I. Kudak V.M. Perih I.F. Neubauer

Studying of the own rotation period changes of satellite "Ajisai" on the interval 1986-2017

V.P. Epishev V.I. Kudak M.M. Pavluk V.M. Perih

Investigation of surface characteristics of geostationary satellites according to colorimetric data

V.S. Melynik I.V. Shevera V.V. Zvenihorodsky M.V. Yatskiv

Methods of evaluating the efficiency of the biological action of UV radiation sources