Monte-Carlo method in the method of standard sets of nuclides for nuclear dating


It’s well known the problem of nuclear dating or fixing the age, or time setting events for selected sample through studying and comparing radioactivity of certain nuclides. In our previous works we showed the possibility of using the method of standard sets of nuclides (MSSN) for these purposes. The MSSN is based on the comparison of the experimental data of all sets of gamma-active nuclides from the natural radioactive series (both U- or Th-) with the corresponding standards obtained as a result of the calculation. This ables to give the important information as the age, or date of the event for the some sample. In this work we present the new abilities of the statistical approach for the problem of nuclear dating method been based on the MSSN. It is shown that using the Monte Carlo method allows one to get both the time setting events Te and the parameters of it’s validity. The results of statistical modeling are demonstarated on the examples of the 232Th, 235U, 238U daughter’s isotopes as the nuclear markers of naturally rows. It is shown that the use the statistical methods is able for significantly improves the reliability of nuclear dating and also allows us to obtain the confidence intervals for event time identification. The results of the using of the new statistical approach are demonstrated by an example of the procedure for nuclear dating of two geological rocks samples was kindly provided by Bereghovo Geological Station

Keywords: method of standard sets of nuclides, nuclear dating, statistical simulation, time of event, reliability