Investigation of surface characteristics of geostationary satellites according to colorimetric data


Purpose. The purpose of this work is the investigation of geosynchronious satellite’s surface characteristics.
Methods. In this research method of CCD photometry was used. All light curves of artificial saatellites obtained on 1 meter telescope.
Results. The results of investigations of photometric characteristics of 3 GSO that were observed in the SAO RAS in U, B, V, R, I filters, by the employee of the Space Research Laboratory of UzhNU with the help of local astronomers are presented. Orientation and color-indexes of GSS "Intelsat-7", "Express-AM22" and "Skynet-5B" are defined. The identification of space objects fragments visible during their observation are made.
Conclusions. Showed that the optical properties of satellite materials are quite different, even if, at first sight, the objects appear to be the same. This is especially true for the spectral region U (ultraviolet) and I (infrared). Photometry observations of GSO objects in U and I bands should continued, influence of space environment on different satellite surfaces can be investigated

Keywords: light curve, geostationary satellite, color index, telescope, stellar magnitude