Optical parameters of X-ray irradiated Cu7GeS5I thin films


Cu7GeS5I thin films were deposited by non-reactive radio frequency magnetron sputtering onto silicate glass substrates. Optical transmission spectra of X-ray irradiated Cu7GeS5I thin films were measured depending on irradiation time. With irradiation time increase the red shift of the short-wavelengt part of transmission spectra and interference maxima were observed. Urbach absorption edge and dispersion of refractive index for X-ray irradiated Cu7GeS5I thin films were studied. Under the influence of the X-ray irradiation the decrease of the energy position of absorption edge as well as the increase of the Urbach energy and refractive index were revealed. Influence of X-ray irradiation on the optical parameters and disordering processes in Cu7GeS5I thin films was analysed

Keywords: thin film, magnetron sputtering, X-ray irradiation, optical absorption, refractive index