Issue 39, 2016

Scientific Herald of Uzhhorod University. Series "Physics"

ISSN: 2415-8038

Publisher: Uzhhorod National University

A.Ya. Shteyfan V.I. Sidey I.I. Nebola I.P. Studenyak

Crystallochemical analysis of the crystal structure of PbGa2S4: The bond valence model

D.I. Bletskan V.V. Vakulchak A.V. Lukach I.P. Studenyak

Electronic structure of Ag2SiS3

А.V. Shusta A.G. Slivka V.М. Kedyulich V.S. Shusta

The influence of external electric field on the anomalies of the dielectric properties of CuInP2S6 and Ag0,05Cu0,95P2S6 crystals in the vicinity of the phase transition temperature

I.M. Shkyrta I.I. Nebola

The transformation of phonon spectrum crystals type of ABC3 cation vacancy

A. Barta N. Popovych A. Popovych N. Tsud T. Duchon K. Veltruska S. Bercha I. Khalakhan Z. Gazova V. Matolin V. Rizak

X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy investigation of adenine thin film on titanium oxide surfaces

V.M. Rubish V.K. Kyrylenko M.O. Durkot V.M. Maryan A.A. Tarnaj O.V. Gorina

Phase transition in SbxTe100-x amorphous films

I.P. Studenyak A.V. Bendak V.Yu. Izai A.M. Solomon P. Kúš M. Mikula

Optical parameters of X-ray irradiated Cu7GeS5I thin films

A.M. Khalus I. Rosola V. Rizak

Bandgap and dispersion of the refractive index groups AsxSe1-x

V.M. Mitsa A. Feher S. Petretskij R.M. Holomb V. Tkac

Low-temperature thermal conductivity and boson peak in the glassy g-As2S3

D.A. Stepanchikov A.V. Savchuk E.Ya. Korchemskaya

Anisotropic photoselection of the bacteriorhodopsin molecules in the purple membrane with hexagonal crystalline lattice of trimers

V.I. Zhaba

New analytical forms of a deuteron wave function for potential Reid93

I.I. Shafranyosh Yu.Yu. Svyda M.I. Sukhoviya V.Yu. Shkyndia M.I. Shafranyosh

Radiation spectra of electric discharge in cytosine vapors

O.J. Minya O.К. Shuaibov Z.T. Homoki V.V. Danylo M.M. Chavarga L.E. Kukri

Optical characteristics of nanosecond discharge on a mixture of air with vapors zinc

V.V. Danylo I.V. Shevera O.J. Minya Z.T. Homoki D.A. Kalimullina O.К. Shuaibov M.M. Chavarga

Investigation of characteristics of pulse discharge about surface water  solution of zinc chloride

Yu.Yu. Svyda M.I. Shafranyosh E. Shamudovskyi I.I. Perchak М.О. Margitych M.I. Sukhoviya M.M. Chavarga I.I. Shafranyosh

The luminescence of guanine molecules in the gas phase under the electron beam

Antonina O. Malinina Alexandr N. Malinin

Parameters of barrier discharge plasma based on mercury diiodide vapor, nitrogen and helium mixture

L.O. Banduryna S.V. Gedeon A.-K.V. Dolynaj E.A. Nagy

The single-particle approach to the problem of C2 fragmentation of fullerene ions С60q+ (q = 1, 2, 3) by electron impact

A.V. Papp

System automation modernization for mass spectrometer MI-1201

A.A. Horvat V.V. Minkovitch Y.I. Samus

Mechanical properties measurement of solids at infralow frequencies