New analytical forms of a deuteron wave function for potential Reid93


Introduction. The deuteron wave function can be presented as the table, that is through the respective massifs of values of radial wave functions. But sometimes, in calculations such arrays of numbers to operate quite difficult. And therefore the text of programs for numerical calculations is overloaded. Therefore receiving simpler analytical forms is expedient.
Purpose. In the received analytical forms of deuteron wave function in coordinate representation it is necessary to calculate polarization characteristics and them to compare to experimental results.
Results. The deuteron wave function in coordinate representation for potential Reid93 is approximated. The tensor polarization t20 calculated based on the wave functions is proportionate to the earlier published results. On the received deuteron wave function in coordinate and momentum representation are calculated such polarization characteristics: tensor polarization, tensor polarized target and tensor asymmetry.
Conclusion. Theoretical calculations for a tensor polarized target and tensor polarization are well coordinated with experimental data. At calculations of tensor polarization of a deuteron it is considered charging, quadrupole and magnetic form factors, which contain information on electromagnetic properties of a deuteron. The received results give certain information on electromagnetic structure of a deuteron

Keywords: deuteron, wave function, approximation, tensor polarization, asymmetry