System automation modernization for mass spectrometer MI-1201


Introduction. A modern multi-purpose electronic system is described being intended to control the most of key elements of a magnetic mass-spectrometer MI-1201. A comparative analysis of the standard and modified systems is given.
Purpose. In view of a rapid development of electronic element basis, the standard mass spectrometer needed modernization to comply with the requirements of modern experiment. Consequently the modern system automation has been developed.
Methods. The standard electronic system has been assessed to define its benefits and shortcomings. For example, the standard system was based on an IBM PC using the ISA modules with low resolution analog and digital converters which are now obsolete. Using modern approaches of the development of analog and digital circuits, a new reliable and effective schematics has been developed. The complete electronic device model has been elaborated and verified.
Results. As a result, the new version of apparatus represents a principally novel approach. It is a multi-processor modular system. Each functional module is a separate microcontroller-based unit that controls operation of certain analog circuits and is connected to one Controller Area Network (CAN). Using modern electronic element basis, we have a possibility to perform measurements (i.e. mass spectrum scanning, ionization potential measuring etc.) in a completely automatic mode

Keywords: magnetic mass-spectrometer, electronic system, microcontroller, ADC, DAC, CAN