Investigation of the Stress-Strain State of the Bending Process of Coated Materials


Relevance. The relevance of the study is due to the current trend of using complex profile products from coated materials in various industries, especially in construction, which can significantly increase corrosion resistance, durability, temperature range and manufacturability, and the most common methods of obtaining such products are processing methods pressure, in particular bending, which is a stressful thermal force process that affects the quality and integrity of the pre-applied coating.

Purpose. The purpose of modelling and analysis of the influence of technological parameters of the bending process on the stress-strain state of the workpiece is to prevent the destruction of multilayer coatings and obtain practical recommendations for the manufacture of complex products in flexible production.

Methods. The main method that allows achieving this goal is the method of finite-element analysis of the stress-strain state under different technological conditions of the bending process, such as bending angle, minimum internal bending radius, the location of the workpiece; the parameters of the pro-cessing material (properties of the processing material, the thickness of the coating) remained con-stant, implemented in the software package ANSYS.

Results. The article presents the results of a finite element analysis of the stress-strain state of materials with a multilayer coating in the bending process with different technological conditions. Practical recom-mendations on technological parameters of processing that will allow receiving products without de-fects of the preliminary put covering are given.

Conclusions. The results of the work make it possible to understand in more detail the processes that occur with materials with a multilayer coating during pressure treatment and are of practical value for companies that specialize in the manufacture of products with a complex profile

Keywords: multilayer coatings, ANSYS, finite element analysis, pressure treatment