Dynamic interferometer on the base of photoinduced light scattering in Sn2P2S6 crystal


Introduction. Single-beam dynamic interferometer based on the Sb-doped Sn2P2S6 allows registration of the phase modulation of the laser beam reflected by a vibrating surface basing on the effect of the dynamic scattering of coherent light in a PR crystal.
Purpose. The article is devoted to consideration of usage Sn2P2S6 crystal as an active element of single-beam interferometer.
Results. The shape and amplitude of the output signal depends on the frequency and the amplitude of phase modulation. Registered periodic changes of fanning intensity in the spatial region of its maximum are associated not only with its integral intensity variation but also with dynamic of spatial redistribution of scattering that probably defines synchronous to phase modulation character of the intensity fluctuations of fanning.
Conclusion. This scheme allows recording of phase-fluctuations of the laser beam in a wide frequency range that determines its potential applicability

Keywords: dynamic interferometer, photorefractive effect, photoinduced dynamic light scattering, fanning, tin thiohypodiphosphate