Issue 49, 2021

Scientific Herald of Uzhhorod University. Series "Physics"

ISSN: 2415-8038

Publisher: Uzhhorod National University

Yurii M. Bataiev Mykola M. Bataiev Oksana A. Kornienko Olena M. Lavrynenko Olesia Yu. Pavlenko

EPR-Spectral, Magnetic, and Ionic Features of CeO2, Yb2O3, Yb2O3-CeO2 Powders and Ceramics Based on REO Oxides

Serhii V. Bobyr

Development and Application of a Simple Model for Calculating the Quantum Diffusion Parameters of Rubidium, Hydrogen, and Deuterium Atoms

Vitalii V. Levchenko

Improvement of Thermometric Control of Nuclear Power Plant Equipment Based on the Study of the Possibility of Using Intelligent Sensors

Brittany Flores Teresa Tran

Use of Neural Networks in the Formation of a High-Quality Smoothed Audio Signal

Ivan I. Bondar Vasyl V. Suran Oleksandr Y. Mynya Oleksandr K. Shuaibov Ihor V. Shevera Vasyl M. Krasilinets

Formation of Structured Films Upon Irradiation of an Aqueous Solution of Copper Sulphate with High-Power Laser Radiatio

Oleksandr Yu. Zhuravlov Oleksandr V. Shyian Boris M. Shirokov Igor V. Kolodiy Sergii M. Sholohov

Sublimation Process for Obtaining Silicon Films from Molybdenum and Tungsten Disilicide

Oleg O. Parlag Vladimir T. Maslyuk Eugene V. Oleynikov Igor V. Pylypchynets Alexander I. Lengye

Structure of Mass-Yield Distributions of 232Th Photofission Product by Bremsstrahlung at Energy 17.5 MeV

Victor F. Gorban Anatolii O. Andreev Viacheslav O. Stolbovy Serhii O. Firstov Myroslav V. Karpets

Influence of the Lattice Parameter on Physical Properties of High-Entropy Coatings