Issue 48, 2020

Scientific Herald of Uzhhorod University. Series "Physics"

ISSN: 2415-8038

Publisher: Uzhhorod National University

M.I. Babilya I.O. Shender A.I. Pogodin V.S. Bilanych I.P. Studenyak

Mechanical Properties of Superionic Composites Based on (Cu1−xAgx)7SiS5

I.M. Shkyrta A.F. Katanytsia Ya.V. Pozho I.I. Nebola І.І. Марьян

Model Calculations of Dispersion Dependencies of Structures of Type BaTiO3 with Partial Population of Different Crystallographic Positions

I.I. Nebola A.F. Katanytsia Yu.O. Pal A.Ya. Shteyfan V.I. Sidey I.P. Studenyak

Theoretical Calculations of Phonon Spectra for Cu7GeSe5I and  Ag7GeSe5I Crystals

I. I. Trikur M.Yu. Sichka S.O. Korposh T.I. Yasinko R.P. Pisak A.M. Potapchuk V. Rizak

Effect of Ammonia on Optical Parameters of Detergent-Modified Magenta Membrane Films in a Sol-Gel Matrix

I.V. Pylypchynets E.V. Oleynikov O.O. Parlag

Simulation the Yields of Actinide Nuclei Photofission Products as Sources of Delayed Gamma Radiation for the Needs of Analyzing their Isotopic Composition

B.M. Bondar B.Yu. Leshchenko I.M. Kadenko

Enhancement of Gamma-Ray Yield from Fast Neutrons Interaction with Cadmium Isotopes

V.I. Roman Oksana Pop I.V. Pylypchynets

Theoretical Calculations of Electron Excitation of the Lowest Autoionization States of the Rb Atom

N.Yu. Kondor O.V. Yegiazarian V.Yu. Lazur

Calculations of the Energy Structure of P, S Atoms by the R-Matrix Method with B-Splines

V.I. Kudak V.M. Perih I.E. Molotov

Influence of Starspots and Pulsations on Determination of Third Body Orbital Parameters in Eclipsing Binary Systems

O.К. Shuaibov O.J. Minya R.V. Hrytsak Antonina O. Malinina Z.T. Homoki Alexandr N. Malinin I.V. Shevera V.V. Danylo

Characteristics of an Overstressed Nanosecond Discharge Between Copper Electrodes and Zinc Electrodes in Argon

Sh.Sh. Demesh O. Vasyliev E.Yu. Remeta

Potential Electron Scattering by the Threonine and Tyrosine Amino Acid Biomolecules