Issue 47, 2020

Scientific Herald of Uzhhorod University. Series "Physics"

ISSN: 2415-8038

Publisher: Uzhhorod National University

V.K. Kyrylenko M.O. Durkot M.M. Pop R.P. Pisak V.M. Rubish

Investigation of the Chalcogenide Materials that Are Used for Manufacture of the Random Access Memory Devices on the Basis of Phase Transitions of these Materials

I.O. Shender A.I. Pogodin S.M. Bereznyuk M.Y. Filep O.P. Kokhan I.P. Studenyak

Influence of the Cation Substitution upon the Electrical Conductivity of the Superionic Ceramics on the Basis of Microcrystalline Powders of (Cu1−xAgx)7SiS5I

I. Rosola O. Chobal L.I. Makar V.M. Rubish V. Rizak

Spectral Dependence of Temperature Increment of Refractive Index in As-S Glasses

M.Y. Filep A.I. Pogodin M.M. Luchynets A.A. Kohutych T.O. Malakhovska O.P. Kokhan M.Yu. Sabov I.P. Studenyak

Thermoelectric Parameters of Single Crystals with Argyrodite Structure in Cu7PS6–Cu6PS5Br and Cu7PS6–Cu6PS5I  Systems

V. Bunda S. Bunda A. Feher

Growth, Crystal Structure and Photoconductivity Mechanism of BiOCl Single Crystals

T.V. Kovalinska I.A. Khomych V.I. Sakhno Yu.V. Ivanov A.V. Melnichenko V.V. Shlapatska

Radiation Functional Studies of Thin Polymer Films for the Qualification for Use in Critical Equipment of Nuclear Facilities

V.O. Borovik I.I. Shafranyosh A.A. Borovik

Two-Step Autoionisation of Strontium and Barium Atoms Excited by Electron Impact

Antonina O. Malinina I.I. Akseniuk Kristian B. Molnar

Optical Characteristics of a Gas Discharge Radiator of Orange-Red Spectral Range

V.S. Vukstich L.G. Romanova T.A. Snegurskaya A.V. Snegursky

Dissociative Ionisation of Threonine Molecule by Low-Energy Electrons 

Sh.Sh. Demesh O. Vasyliev E.Yu. Remeta

Description of Single Ionisation of Complex Molecules

V. Shpenyk M.I. Shafranyosh Sh. Molnar O. Shpenyk Yu.Yu. Svyda M.I. Sukhoviya I.I. Shafranyosh

Luminescence of the Guanine Nucleotide Base Under Various Excitation Methods