Issue 44, 2018

Scientific Herald of Uzhhorod University. Series "Physics"

ISSN: 2415-8038

Publisher: Uzhhorod National University

V.V. Bilanych K. Csach K. Flachbart V.S. Bilanych V. Rizak

Investigation of the processes of softening and crystallization of glassy selenium by dynamic mechanical analysis method

L.Yu. Kharkhalis K.E. Glukhov T.Ya. Babuka M.V. Liakh O. Dulkai

Condenson states dynamics in the layered crystals of the indium selenides under elastic deformations

A.F. Katanytsia I.I. Nebola I.P. Studenyak

Description and the basic spectrum of type crystals Cu7GeS5I

L.Yu. Kharkhalis O.O. Korolevych

Peculiarities of soliton excitations in the In4Se3 crystal

A.I. Pogodin M.I. Kayla M.Y. Filep O.P. Kokhan I.P. Studenyak

Peculiarities of crystal structure and mechanism of ionic conductivity of solid solutions in system Cu6PS5I-Cu6AsS5I

D.I. Bletskan V.M. Kabatsii

Photoluminescence of crystalline and glassy lead thiogermanate

I. I. Trikur M.Yu. Sichka I.Y. Tsoma V. Rizak

Study of the detergent Triton X100 effect on the properties of purple membranes

D.I. Bletskan I.P. Studenyak V.V. Vakulchak

Energy band structureoptical properties and chemical bonding of Cu7Sis5I crystal

N.I. Svatiuk V.T. Masluyk O.I Symkanich

Radiological monitoring, concept: "Radiation weather" and "Radiation identification of the environment"

Oksana Pop K.S. Sharokhin V.T. Masluyk A.A. Saenko

Harmonization of basic nuclear-physical constants in the nuclear dating method: standard sets of nuclide

V.O. Borovik

The 4p6 autoionization of strontium atom

A.N. Gomonai V.I. Roman L.O. Banduryna A.I. Gomonai V.V. Zvenihorodsky Yu.I. Hytych

Near-threshold excitation of the λ132.2 nm resonance line of the Tl+ ion by electron impact

V.I. Roman A.A. Borovik

Electron-impact excitation of the (4p55s5p)4S3/2 quasimetastable state in rubidium atom

Alla Bulhakova A.N. Zavilopulo

Mass spectrometric research glutamine molecule

A.V. Snegursky L.G. Romanova A.V. Papp V.S. Vukstich

Mass spectrometry of processes of dissociative ionization of glutamine molecules

O.К. Shuaibov V.V. Danylo O.J. Minya Antonina O. Malinina S.Yu. Neymet

Nanosecond discharge in atmospheric pressure air with ectonic introduction of iron and copper vapor in plasma and its application in nanotechnology

V.V. Husti T.V. Matyovka

Software complex for protection of RFID-tag of bank contactless payment card based on PayPASS (MASTERCARD) and PayWAVE (VISA) technologies from unprecated reading