Issue 43, 2018

Scientific Herald of Uzhhorod University. Series "Physics"

ISSN: 2415-8038

Publisher: Uzhhorod National University

A.I. Pogodin M.Y. Filep M.M. Luchynets O.O. Yamkoviy O.P. Kokhan I.P. Studenyak

Synthesis, growth and structural investigation of Cu7SiS5I, Ag7SiS5I single crystals and solid solutions on their base

R.R. Rosul P.P. Guranich O.O. Gomonnai A.G. Slivka P. Huranych A.V. Gomonnai V.M. Rubish H.T. Horvat

The phase transition in TlIn(S0.93Se0.07)polycrystals

А.V. Shusta A.G. Slivka V.S. Shusta V.A.Kalytyn I. Petryshynets

Phase ρ, T-diagram of layered  CuCr0.9In0.1P2Scrystals

H.V. Vasylyeva Yu.M. Kylivnyk S.I. Vuchkan O.Ya. Sych I.Yu. Syika

Kinetic of sorption of Sr2+ ions from aqueous solutions by synthetic inorganic sorbents

V.I. Zhaba

Analytical forms of the deuteron wave function and polarization observables in A(d,d’)X reactions

V.P. Epishev I.I. Motrunich V.M. Perih P.P. Sukhov K.P. Sukhov R.K. Pawlaszek

On the possibility of controlling behavior of geosynchronous objects using results of ground-based observations

V.I. Kudak V.M. Perih S. Verbitsky

Photometry of near Earth asteroid Florence (3122)

V.P. Epishev P.P. Sukhov I.I. Motrunich V.I. Kashuba V.I. Kudak V.M. Perih K.P. Sukhov I.F. Neubauer

Complex observations of geosynchronous maneuvering objects by Ukrainian terrestrial means

P.P. Markush A.N. Zavilopulo O.B. Shpenik

Mass-spectrometry study of sulfur and selenium composition in gas-phase by electron impact

V.I. Roman L.O. Banduryna

Ionization and autoionization of rubidium atoms by electron impact

V.O. Borovik I.I. Shafranyosh A.A. Borovik

Autoionization cross-sections of cesium and barium atoms for 5p6 shell excited by electron impact

Antonina O. Malinina Alexandr N. Malinin O.К. Shuaibov V.V. Danylo

Parameters of plasmaof high-current nanosecond dischargein air with small admixtures of copper vapor

Sh.Sh. Demesh V.І. Kelemen E.Yu. Remeta

Elastic electron scattering by the CF2Cl and CFmolecules in the potential approach

L.O. Banduryna S.V. Gedeon

Inelastic electron scattering from excited barium atoms

V.V. Kuzma M.I. Shafranyosh I.E. Mitropolsky M.I. Sukhoviya Yu.Yu. Svyda I.I. Shafranyosh

Luminescence of the nucleic acid bases uracil molecules in different phase states under the electron beam

V.S. Melynik I.V. Shevera

Modulation of vibrations in a resonant system with variable own frequency

T.V. Kovalinska О.А. Zhernov V.I. Sakhno Т.М. Maevska Yu.V. Ivanov V.G. Nikolaev L.О. Sakhno V.V. Shlapatska

Researhing the opportunities of using water radiolysis products with medical purposes