Vol. 46, 2019

Scientific Herald of Uzhhorod University. Series "Physics"

ISSN: 2415-8038

Publisher: Uzhhorod National University


V.M. Rubish M.O. Durkot A.A. Kryuchyn L.I. Makar O.A. Mykaylo M.M. Pop T.I. Yasinko R.M. Holomb S.O. Kostyukevich K.V. Kostyukevich P.E. Shepelyavy

The influence of laser radiation on the structure and optical properties of amorphous films in arsenic–antimony–sulphur system

L.Yu. Kharkhalis K.E. Glukhov T.Ya. Babuka

Pressure effect on the adiabatic potential in the crystals with D3d2 space symmetry and strong electron-phonon interaction

I. Rosola O. Chobal V. Rizak

Effect of temperature on the reflective index dispersion of AsXS1−X glasses

K.E. Glukhov L.Yu. Kharkhalis T.Ya. Babuka M.V. Liakh

Ab initio investigations of the electron-phonon interaction in the indium selenides

I. I. Trikur M.Yu. Sichka I.Y. Tsoma A.M. Potapchuk V. Rizak

Methods of layer-by-layer deposition of films and characteristics of two-layer structures based on bacteriorhodopsin

D.I. Bletskan V.V. Vakulchak J.V. Kampov I.P. Studenyak

Influence of cationic substitution on the electronic-energy structure and optical properties of Cu2BIVS3 (BIV = Si, Ge, Sn) compounds

A.V. Bendak K.V. Skubenych A.I. Pogodin V.S. Bilanych I.P. Studenyak

Mechanical properties of composites based on (Cu1−xAgx)7GeSe5I mixed crystals

O.J. Minya V.M. Krasilinets O.К. Shuaibov I.V. Shevera Z.T. Homoki M.M. Chavarga A.M. Solomon V.I. Mikla

Transmission spectra of copper, aluminum and chalcopyrite – based thin nanostructured films prepared by gas discharge technique

A.O. Malinina R.V. Hrytsak I.I. Akseniuk

Optical characteristics and parameters of gas discharge plasma on a mixture of cadmium diodide vapor with helium and small addition of nitrogen

V.Yu. Lazur V.V. Rubish O.K. Reity S.I. Myhalyna

Description of mass spectrum of Bc-meson family

M.Ya. Yevych M.I. Karbovanets

Asymptotics of a semiclassical type for wave functions of quasimolecules in problems of ion-molecular collisions

V.I. Zhaba

Approximation of scattering phases for Argonne v18 potential

V.P. Epishev V.I. Kudak V.I. Prysiazhnyi D.M. Kozhukhov V.M. Perih I.F. Neubauer

Reasons for change in artificial space objects own rotation